• Brian Milner

Launching unlockagility.com

We're thrilled to announce that we have launched our own online eLearning platform called unlockagility.com!

What can you find there? We have our Scrum Alliance certification courses like our A-CSM and A-CSPO classes for starters. These classes are mostly self-paced that you can start today. They also include two live sessions with your trainer and cohort.

We also offer several non-certification courses for those who are interested in the material without the added cost of the credentials. Our Agile Training for Teams is perfect for anyone who wants a solid foundation in Agile and Scrum. We're also launching with our very timely and topical course on being a Virtual Scrum Master that will contain all the tools you need to thrive as a Scrum Master while working from home.

In addition and coming soon, we expect to offer other specialty courses from only the best trainers in the business. This will include our highly demanded classes that will be given in Spanish as well!

Take a moment to give us a look. We have several classes that are very close to launching and while they are in pre-sale mode, you can jump in at a price that will not be available once the courses launch. This is your chance to score some bargains!

Our site will be geared to both individuals and organizations that wish to purchase training for all their teams.


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