• Brian Milner

Thank you, #SGCAL!

I just wrapped up a great week of learning, sharing, and making new friends at the annual Scrum Global Gathering that this year in North America was held in San Diego. What a beautiful location for the event! Weather was perfect (is it ever anything else there?).

The lineup for this year's conference was star-studded. Jeff Sutherland kicked off the conference followed by such Scrum rock stars as Sharon Bowman, Diana Larsen, Alistair Cockburn, and on and on and on.

For me though, the most impactful moments came in just simple conversations between colleagues - people near the exact same point I was at in the journey. It's easy to feel like you are alone in your journey while looking up to others who have "made it." It's just such a nice reminder that there are plenty of others like you out there trying to figure out their place in this world of Scrum and agile as well. I have huge respect for those individuals and felt lucky to meet so many of them this week. This was highlighted by the CSP retreat, a first in North America, that was held prior to the conference itself. I could have easily spent the entire time with just that group.

So thank you again to all those who spent many nights and weekends making this possible. Thank you as well from the bottom of my heart to my fellow CSPs and for the incredible experience of sharing and getting to know so many of you! Until next year's conference in Minneapolis!


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