Certification Classes Now Online

Has the CoronaVirus changed the way you work? We know exactly how you feel. Until the last few weeks, the Scrum Alliance has NEVER allowed their CSM and CSPO certifications to be delivered any other way but face to face. This models the Agile Manifesto values. However, one of the other values in the Manifesto is "Responding to Change over Following a Plan." It was time for us to practice what we preached.

The Scrum Alliance has made a temporary allowance for its trainers to offer the CSM and CSPO classes online. This is in order to keep both their trainers and their students safe during a time when meeting face to face isn't practical. We have been excited to participate in this experience and have been one of the very first to run a virtual CSM class. 

Our class is a highly interactive event, very similar to our face to face classes. We use a variety of tools to engage the class and prevent it from becoming "death by PowerPoint." We play games, have small group discussions, and even run a Scrum simulation to practice using the framework. 

If you find yourself with a little more space now during this situation, we encourage you to consider this an opportunity to upgrade your skills and career. PC Magazine calls the CSM one of the top 3 highest paying certifications in IT. LinkedIn refers to the Product Owner role as one of its most promising jobs.

Join one of our upcoming classes and get your certification online from the comfort of your home while social distancing. 

We are in the process of working on self-paced courses to achieve your Advanced Certified ScrumMaster or Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner certifications. These would require short 2 hour sessions at the beginning and end of the course that would happen once a week. If you would be interested in these, sign up for our email list and not only will we notify you when they are ready, but we will give you an early adopter discount code to use as well!

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