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Maximizing Value - it's what Product Owners strive for Sprint after Sprint. How can I maximize the value the team is creating while minimizing the effort the team expends. "Simplicity - the art of maximizing the amount of work NOT done - is essential." In today's world, this is more crucial than ever! How can you show prospective employers that you are not like other new Product Owners but you have experience and advanced knowledge that can help your teams excel in creating maximized value each Sprint?​ 

We are very proud to announce that our A-CSPO course is finally ready and can be taken at your own pace online! The ADVANCED CERTIFIED SCRUM PRODUCT OWNER certification is one in which only around 1,300 have achieved worldwide. This certification tells employers that you know your stuff, that you have the experience to back it up, and that you can make an immediate impact on any team. If your company employs Product Owners, this class can take them to a new level of productivity.

​This class is an in-depth look at the Product Owner role that will provide you with advanced tools you can take back and use with your teams like Impact Mapping, Story Mapping, Relative Weighting, and much more. You can find a complete list of learning objectives for the class here. If you are already a CSPO and you have at least a year experience (or are working towards it) you are eligible to take this course.

I know there are those of you who are interested but have concerns about moving forward in your career in this way. You might be thinking:

  • I don't have time for this right now

  • I'd never get the travel budget to attend and besides, we can't travel right now anyway!

  • Aren't these advanced certifications more expensive? I probably can't afford it.​

Our course can solve your issues. We offer one of the only Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner courses that combines self-paced learning with live sessions to give you the best of both worlds. Because we can offer this through training, you can take as long or as short as you wish to complete the certification. There are just two 2-hour live sessions you could attend in the evenings from your home. After attending both and making your way through the self-paced materials, you will have achieved your certification!​

The advanced courses are most certainly more expensive with most trainers. The average price you will find is near $1,400 for this class and certification. You can search the Scrum Alliance website for yourself. Because we are able to combine the self-paced learning with live sessions, we can offer the class to you much less than most. Our price is only $1,000 for the same certification. 

You can start your A-CSPO journey TODAY!

Just follow these easy steps and you can start your A-CSPO path right away.

SIGN UP for our self-pace and live sessions.
Complete our self-paced course online when it's convenient to you.
Attend two of our live 2-hour training sessions.
That's it! No test. No travel or hotel for an in-person class. Just a Scrum Alliance Advanced certification delivered by a Certified Scrum Trainer from the Scrum Alliance. In today's market, it's never been a better time to boost your credentials and set yourself apart from the crowd.

The learning experience will be everything you expect from a Scrum Alliance course. Listen to what students are saying: 


I liked the "informal-ness" of the class. I was worried about being attentive or learning as much as an in-person class, but I thought it was very well done. The trainer didn't seem to have any issue and acted like he does virtual classes all the time."

It was interactive, a lot of activities, Brian gave us real life examples of who a Scrum master really is and what they do. It felt like an in-person class training. I got a better understanding, and mastery of the Scrum.

The instructors worked well together and answered questions using real world examples. Working in the same groups for the sprint exercises was very helpful. We learned together and demonstrated a higher level of proficiency by the second sprint exercise.

Sign up and get started on your A-CSPO today!

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