Brian Milner - CST

I have been in the software development industry now for the past 20 years, beginning as a programmer and working up through management.  I've seen what it's like to be on the other end and suffer through waterfall projects and know first-hand the benefits that come from adopting Scrum.  In fact, my own journey into Agile began by meeting over lunch with my fellow developers and discussing how we felt our current process was flawed and how things should be.  That list included such things as allowing those that are doing the work to make the estimates, knowing that those doing the work knew best how to do that work, and recognizing that a sustainable pace was crucial to long term success.  All these (and more) were being discovered at the same time by other development teams who then codified those practices into what we call Scrum today.


I am one of only 250 Certified Scrum Trainers in the world which means that I am able to offer the Certified Scrum Master course and provide the certification that comes with those classes through the Scrum Alliance. What I bring to your organization is a depth of experience not only in training but in the practical day-to-day challenges organizations face at they adopt Agile and Scrum.  

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