Why Scrum 360

Once you’ve decided to supercharge your career and your organization with Scrum training, select the training vehicle that suits you. 

Why choose Scrum 360


Engaging instruction. No boring, sit-in-your-seat presentations here. Our training uses constant interaction and humor. Once you learn the principles, you’ll be up and moving, putting what you learn into action. Team exercises cement your understanding, promote retention and develop networks that last a lifetime.


360-degree Agile mindset. Don’t merely train Agile in one aspect of your company. Glean the benefits that come only with infusing Agile holistically into operations at all levels, from executive leadership to functioning teams.


Practitioner-level experience. Trainer Brian Milner doesn’t just teach the course – he’s lived the principles and used the tools in real life. With two decades’ experience as a programmer and manager in the software development industry, he’s suffered through Waterfall projects – and seen the benefits of Scrum first-hand. He is the rare trainer with both book learning and the experience to back it up. Brian gives participants not just Scrum tools, but also practical ideas about applying them. 


Peerless prep for certification. Scrum 360 gives you the know-how you need to take the hour-long, 50 question CSM test. Because experienced trainer Brian Milner is one of only 250 Certified Scrum Trainers worldwide, he is in demand globally and teaches throughout North America and around the world.


Inclusion in the Scrum community. When you take a Scrum 360 course, you’re showing your commitment to excellence. You and your fellow participants join a community of Scrum local, national and global practitioners who continue the focused, results-driven work we teach. If you work in the DFW area, join our local group, where Brian has served as an active member and leader.


About Brian


Although Brian’s a seasoned Certified Scrum Trainer now, he wasn’t always.


In fact, he came to Agile like many of his students – as a developer who got fed up with the old, wasteful ways of doing business. He began meeting with his fellow programmers over lunch, where they talked about their Waterfall nightmares…and dreamed of something better.


As he moved from programming to managing teams in corporate America, he learned about Scrum during an organizational transformation. After seeing Scum’s benefits first-hand, he mastered the skills as Scrum Master in multiple organizations, eventually coaching multiple Scrum Masters under him. 


With 20 years as a programmer and manager in software development, Brian shifted his sights to empowering others, focusing entirely on training and Enterprise coaching. He has taught Scrum for ten years, sharing Scrum’s insights with thousands of students across the US and around the world. His training and coaching clients have ranged from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Brian’s engaging style and expertise make him a highly sought-after speaker, and he has addressed regional, national and international conferences. As one of only 250 Certified Scrum Trainers globally, Brian continues to teach classes for Scrum Alliance certification in his local Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. He also coaches and consults for clients wherever their businesses are located. 

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